International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 8 Number 3

February 28, 2007

Between Public and Private:
Negotiating the Location of Art Education

Jason Wallin
University of Alberta

Citation: Wallin, Jason. (2007). Between public and private: Negotiating the location of art education. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 8(3). Retrieved [date] from

This article seeks to articulate developing trends in art education and practice, locating such movements within the broader cultural contexts of globalization, neoliberal capitalism, and postmodernity. Against this more general synopsis, the autobiographical position of the author as a student and teacher of art will be elucidated as inextricably entwined with such cultural movements. This entwinement will be understood both in terms of its capacity to "position" the subject, and yet concomitantly as a site of disavowal, refusal, and subjective agency. In this manner, the personal commitment of the author to art education will be developed in a way to implicate early school and familial experiences with art. Such early autobiographical experiences arguably form the coordinates of our identities as art educators, and similarly, constitute the key issues with which we must necessarily grapple in pedagogical practice. It is in negotiation with such issues and early enculturation that this article argues our relationship to art curriculum and practice is located.

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