International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 8 Number 18

December 23, 2007

Emotions as Data the Act of Jokering Forum Theatre

Anne Hewson
St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick
Citation: Hewson, A. (2007). Emotions as data in the act of jokering forum theatre. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 8(18). Retrieved [date] from
For three years the author has been using Forum Theatre strategies as a means of experientially exploring classroom management with preservice teachers in a post-degree BEd program. During the third year, the author undertook an arts-based action research project to examine her actions as facilitator, or Joker, and to explore Forum Theatre's potential for redressing oppressions in a school setting. In the analysis of one challenging session, she suggests that emotions are important data to consider when deciding how best to respond in the moment, as Joker or as classroom teacher. Noticing responses of fear, anger or shame in oneself and others may help identify oppressive practices or tacit assumptions that deserve critical attention. The sociological concept of saving face has relevance for classroom management and is recommended as an area for further study.

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