International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 8 Number 17

December 23, 2007

Aesthetic Encounters: Contributions to General Teacher Education

Boyd White
McGill University
Citation: White, B. (2007). Aesthetic encounters: Contributions to generalist teacher education. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 8(17). Retrieved [date] from
This article describes the learning experiences of three pre-service teachers within a university-level course entitled "Aesthetics and Art Criticism for the Classroom." Discussion is focused on the nature of the meaning-making that emerges from aesthetic encounters and its educational value. Specifically, what can pre-service generalist teachers learn from aesthetic encounters that they may ultimately apply in their own classrooms? For evidence of emergent meaning- making I rely on examination of what I call aesthetigrams. These are essentially maps of one's encounter with an artwork. They provide a basis for reflection on the encounter, for the student and for myself as the instructor, as well as insights into the nature of aesthetic learning.

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