International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 7 Review 4

September 2, 2006

A Nordic Model of Technology Education:
An Essay Review

Mary Stokrocki
Arizona State University

Lindstrom, Lars. (Ed.). (2005). Technology education in new perspectives: Research, assessment, and curriculum development. Stockholm: Stockholm Institute of Education Press.

  210 pp.
  ISBN 91-7656-429-0

Citation: Stokrocki, Mary. (2006, September 2). A Nordic model of technology education: An essay review. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 7(Review 4). Retrieved [date] from

This anthology offers multiple perspectives on assessment, curriculum development, and research on technology education, presented in 14 chapters. Each chapter contains a rich array of historical developments, theoretical background or conceptual explanations, methods, new approaches and examples, conclusions and references, as well as various charts, illustrations, and photographs to illuminate the topics. The book has a heavy engineering perspective with some explanation of advancements in computer technology. Future technology education should incorporate multiple tools for learning, interdisciplinary content, real life problem solving skills, and assessment practices.
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