International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 6 Number 6

August 9, 2005


Julie Machlin Burke
Guilford College

Kristin Atkins Cuilla
Wake County (NC) Public School

Ann G. Winfield
Roger Williams University

Lucille Elizabeth Eaton
Durham (NC) City Schools

Anna Victoria Wilson
Chapman University

Citation: Burke, J. M.; Cuilla, K. A.; Winfield, A. G.; Eaton, L. E.; & Wilson, A. V. (2005, August 9). Epiphamania. International Journal of Education and the Arts, 6(6). Retrieved [date] from

This article is a narrative exposition of collaborative research performed at Bergamo in October 2001. As a performance of research, we hoped to extend the involvement of audience/participants and to problematize both method and articulation of lives lived (Knowles & Cole, 2001) by using art forms in (re)searching the nature and possibilities of socially constructed and experienced boundaries. The primary foci of our work are (1) the relationship of research and/to/with art, (2) the nature and effects of socially constructed boundaries in research/life/curriculum, and (3) the nature of collaboration. We used the media of dance, poetry and readers’ theater to both theorize and present data about socially defined roles and identities and our responses them.

This article is available in PDF format.

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