International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 6 Number 11

October 4, 2005

Twenty-nine World Premiers in Two Hours: The Story of Powerplus

Stephanie Pitts
University of Sheffield

Citation: Pitts, S. (2005, October 4). Twenty-nine world premiers in two hours: The story of Powerplus. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 6(11). Retrieved [date] from

This article considers the effectiveness and implications of the Powerplus composing project, in which teenage students were asked to write for a chamber ensemble in preparation for a public concert of their work. The perspectives of all participants are considered, with a view to understanding i) the developing identities of young composers, ii) the effects of combining the musical expertise of players, teachers and students in the project, and iii) the expectations and attitudes of audience members attending the final concert. Empirical data from questionnaires, interviews and observations are used to analyse the attitudes and experiences of participants, revealing a high level of support for the project and for the value of composing in music education. The implications of the project for future research and practice are considered, and suggestions are made for strengthening the professional networks which could better contribute to young peoplesí development as composers.

This article is available in PDF format.

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