International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 6 Number 1

January 3, 2005

Integrating Ancient Nanyin Music within an
Interdisciplinary and National Education School-wide Curriculum:
An Australian-Singaporean
Collaborative Arts Education Project

Samuel Leong
University of Western Australia

Citation: Leong, S. (2005, January 3). Integrating ancient Nanyin music within an interdisciplinary and national education school-wide curriculum: An Australian-Singaporean collaborative arts education project. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 6(1). Retrieved [date] from

This article describes a school-wide arts education project that incorporates an interdisciplinary approach involving an Australian university, the Singapore Ministry of Education, the Singapore National Arts Council, a community music association, and a local primary school. The Project engages young school children with Nanyin music, an ancient musical art form from China, and works with practicing Nanyin musicians and their musical practices. The Project integrates music into the regular music curriculum for an entire ten -week term, and incorporates a National Education focus with an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging students to make connections with subjects such as language, mathematics and social studies. The Project culminates with a public performance of Nanyin music by the participating students and an exhibition of their project work. This paper will also present the viability and usefulness of the Project from the perspectives of Nanyin musicians and school participants.

This article is available in PDF format.

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