Volume 21 Number 9 February 6, 2020

Teamplayers: CO4-teaching in Arts Education in Primary Education

Melissa Bremmer
Amsterdam University of the Arts, The Netherlands

Ellen van Hoek
Amsterdam University of the Arts, The Netherlands

Citation: Bremmer, M. & van Hoek, E. (2020). Teamplayers: 4CO-teaching in arts education in primary education. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 21(9). Retrieved from http://doi.org/10.26209/ijea21n9.


This article describes the qualitative study of the redesigning of a course based on the Canadian “4CO-teaching method” for student teachers. This method consists of four different phases of co-teaching: co-design, co-execution, co-debriefing, and co-reflection. Through this way of co-teaching, student teachers in both primary education and in arts education (theatre, dance, and visual arts) were taught how to design arts lessons for primary education together, how to carry them out as a couple, and how to jointly reflect on their lessons. The course, called “Teamplayers”, aimed to teach these student teachers how to complement their knowledge and skills during the designing and teaching of arts lessons and, thus, enhance the quality of arts education. This research study evaluated the design of Teamplayers and the students’ experience with the method of 4CO-teaching with the aim of improving the course.

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