Volume 21 Number 7 February 5, 2020

Exploring New Methodological Options: Collaborative Teaching Involving Song, Dance and the Alexander Technique

Anne Cecilie Røsjø Kvammen
Kristiania University College, Norway

Johanne Karen Hagen
Kristiania University College, Norway

Stephen Parker
Norwegian Academy of Music, Norway

Citation: Kvammen, A.C., Hagen, J.K., Parker, S. (2020). Exploring new methodical options: Collaborative teaching involving song, dance and the Alexander Technique. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 21(7). Retrieved from http://doi.org/10.26209/ijea21n7.


In an attempt to bridge the gap between the distinct pedagogical strategies often employed in the respective fields of song and dance, this study investigates how collaborative teaching and dialogue can serve as a starting point in finding new teaching and learning methods. This pilot study involving three teacher-researchers and three students aims to show how the practical work of Alexander Technique (AT) applies the theory of embodied cognition and embodied learning in a practical context. Findings suggest that education and learning processes in the field of musical theatre need to have their foundation in the domain of embodied learning. We argue that the dichotomies between mind and body influence methodology and the way we use language; we propose AT as a method to guide collaborative teaching in order to discover how the student learns in an embodied way, implementing principles from AT in the teaching of musical theatre students.

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