Volume 21 Number 33 November 5, 2020

Crafting the City: Promoting Heritage Awareness Through Craft Making in a Historical Town

Anna Kouhia
University of Helsinki, Finland

Marja-Leena Rönkkö
University of Turku, Rauma Campus, Finland

Citation: Kouhia, A. & Rönkkö, M. (2020). Crafting the city: Promoting heritage awareness through craft making in a historical town. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 21(33). http://doi.org/10.26209/ijea21n33


This paper reports on a project designed to promote the understanding of the World Heritage site of Old Rauma, Finland, with the help of craft activities. Through fieldwork and an analysis of the data collected from two craft interventions, the paper examines how craft making can serve as a medium to celebrate a sense of place and inspire people to deliberate the role that heritage occupies in their everyday lives. Based on the study, it can be concluded that attention needs to be placed on the teaching and learning of creative practices in order to contribute to the makers’ perceptions of placeness and to sustain local development as well as to promote heritage in a historical town.

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