Volume 20 Number 9 May 31, 2019

Portrait of an A/R/Tographer: Theory as Conceptual Medium

Amy Ruopp
University of Missouri, USA

Citation: Ruopp, A. (2019). Portrait of an A/R/Tographer: Theory as conceptual medium. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 20(9). Retrieved from http://doi.org/10.26209/ijea20n9/


The following article explores how one researcher blended verbal and visual literacies to disrupt conceptualizations of traditional qualitative research. Engaging visual modalities as a research tool, the author invites readers into an a/r/tographical multimodal post qualitative journey that deeply explores the power and value of visual research. Here the author shares a dynamic encounter with post theory that disrupted habits of knowing, thus creating tensions and nuanced understandings of theoretical engagement. (Re)imagining theory as a conceptual medium, readers are invited into the process through both visual and verbal means, to inspire investigation into previously unknown territory, thus discovering new ways to know differently. What is offered here moves the reader beyond the text based manuscript to a documentary film, (hyperlinked) screenplay, and artwork.

Visual Abstract

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