International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 1 Number 3

Note on Multimedia Files

          The audio and video files linked to Table 2 are of two types: Wave (.wav) files and Real Video (.ram) files. The Wave files can be played in most browsers installed within the last two years. The video files require a Real Video Player of version 5 or higher. The most recent version of the Real Video Player as of this date (September, 2000) is Version 8. Real Video Players are available without charge from .
          Audio reproduction of either type of file requires a sound card and speakers on the machine playing the files. The size of each file is indicated under each file name in Table 2. Network connections at 28800 bps and faster will require approximately 10 minutes download time for each 1000 Kb (1 Megabyte) of file size. Streaming video files (files that begin playing before the entire file has been downloaded) will not show acceptable video action at under 56000 bps connection speeds, although the audio portion of these files should be quite acceptable.

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