Volume 18 Number 34 September 21, 2017

Enhancing Young Adult Learning Through Interpretive Skills Training: A Case Study of Student Tour-Guide Interns at a University Photography Center

Ting Fang Chien
University of Arizona, USA

Citation: Chien, T. F. (2017). Enhancing young adult learning through interpretive skills training: A case study of student tour-guide interns at a university photography center. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 18(34). Retrieved from http://www.ijea.org/v18n34/.


This case study explores the application of interpretive strategies as tools to facilitate transformative learning and advance young adults’ abilities in various learning contexts. While much of the literature on adult museum program education focuses on older adults’ learning, this study emphasizes the impact of interpretive skills training at a Southwestern university photography center on student tour guides’ personal and professional learning. The findings reveal that the training allowed these student tour guides to transform their notions of learning and teaching through interpretive dialogues, cogenerative learning, and critical reflections. The interpretive skills training enhanced the participants’ abilities to become better public speakers, interpretive writers, thoughtful educators, and efficient learners. Based upon the findings, the research suggests that interpretive strategies are useful to develop future teachers to be open to different perspectives, willing to consider new ideas, and create a two-way transformative learning loop with their students.

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