Volume 18 Number 31 August 25, 2017

Digital Process And Product: Engaging the Next Generation of Art Education Researchers

Stephanie A. Baer
Miami University, USA

Stephanie Danker
Miami University, USA

Citation: Baer, S. A., & Danker, S. (2017). Digital process and product: Engaging the next generation of art education researchers. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 18(31). Retrieved from http://www.ijea.org/v18n31/.


As art teacher educators, we want our students to be passionate, informed advocates for art education and capable of conducting action research as artist/teacher/researchers. Students are constantly in the process of understanding what it means to teach with and through the arts. In our art education program, we work to exemplify this complex process through a curricular structure built around encouraging a new generation of art teachers to conduct thoughtful, digitally relevant research centered on improving the field of art education through examination of their own context and understanding. We describe this process here through specific projects and processes, aligned throughout an art teacher education program and how it leads to a final product with the digital teaching portfolio. Connections are made to the action research cycle and a/r/tographic processes that encourage advocacy and professionalism within an evolving, digitally relevant, process-product experience for pre-service art teachers.

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