Volume 18 Number 27 June 25, 2017

Trois Chaises, ABER, and the Possibility of “Thinking Again”

Donald S. Blumenfeld-Jones
Arizona State University, USA

David L. Carlson
Arizona State University, USA

Citation: Blumenfeld-Jones, D. S. & Carlson, D. L. (2017). Trois Chaises, ABER, and the possibility of “thinking again.” International Journal of Education & the Arts, 18(27). Retrieved from http://www.ijea.org/v18n27/.


These two pieces represent a new approach to the presentation of ABER inquiry projects. They are part ABER writing and presentation mixed with more conventionally scholarly voiced writing. Trois Chaises is all at once a theoretical examination of ABER practice, a presentation of one ABER practitioner’s practice and a presentation of the actual ABER work. Dr. Carlson’s work is a poetic, personal and scholarly response to both the manuscript and a public, live performance of the work. The accompanying video is an artistically rendered version of the ABER piece. This scholarship is meant to honor the humanness of inquiry and, yet, not give up the more formal voice of thinking through ideas and issues, both with method and, in our case, thinking through schools as places for the pursuit of a self.

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