Volume 18 Number 19 April 29, 2017

Making Pictures as a Method of Teaching Art History

Jari Martikainen
Ingman College of Crafts and Design, Finland

Citation: Martikainen, J. (2017). Making pictures as a method of teaching art history. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 18(19). Retrieved from http://www.ijea.org/v18n19/.


Inspired by the affective and sensory turns in the paradigm of art history, this article discusses making pictures as a method of teaching art history in Finnish Upper Secondary Vocational Education and Training (Qualification in Visual Expression, Study Programmes in Visual and Media Arts and Photography). A total of 25 students majoring in visual and media arts and photography participated in the research, studying art history by visual means and reflecting on their learning experiences. This article follows the principles of contextual subject-related didactics, where contemporary conceptions of the discipline and the objectives of the curriculum direct the choice of instructional approaches. The study shows that making pictures motivated the students to study art history and develop practical skills within the discipline in accordance with the curriculum objectives. In visual terms, the kinesthetic and haptic qualities associated with making pictures brought affects and emotions to art historical inquiries, which built bridges between art history and the students’ life-worlds.

Visual Abstract

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