Volume 17 Number 24 July 31, 2016

Re-Presenting And Representing With Seven Features: Guiding An Arts-Based Educational Journey

Michelle Ludecke
Monash University, Australia

Citation: Ludecke, M. (2016). Re-presenting and representing with seven features: Guiding an arts-based educational journey. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 17(24). Retrieved from http://www.ijea.org/v17n24/.


This paper outlines a journey of arts-based inquiry into teacher education and identity transformation in the transition to teaching, guided by Barone and Eisner’s Seven Features of Arts-Based Educational Inquiry. Employing a theatre-based research approach the researcher investigated teachers’ epiphanic or revelatory first moments of identity transformation, culminating in the creation of the play script and performance: The First Time. The article discusses what Barone and Eisner’s works offered this arts-based researcher on their journey. Outcomes of the research include the value of working backwards from this frame for further data elucidation and analysis and presenting research to relevant ‘expert’ audiences.

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