International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 16 Number 9

June 10, 2015

BodyHeat Encounter: Performing Technology in Pedagogical Spaces of Surveillance/Intimacy

Lynn Fels
University of Simon Fraser, Canada

Kathryn Ricketts
University of Regina, Canada

Citation: Fels, L. & Ricketts, K. (2015). BodyHeat encounter: Performing technology in pedagogical spaces of surveillance/intimacy. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 16(Number 9). Retrieved [date] from
What occurs when videographer and performer encounter each other through the lens of a camera? This collaborative performative inquiry focuses on embodiment and emergent narrative as realized through an encounter between technology and the visceral bodya relational body that smells, touches, sees, hears and feels the emergent world through impulse and movement. Who performs whom as we encounter each other through technology? Does our engagement with technology limit our field of vision, or expand the pedagogical imagination? What we are beginning to recognize is a paradoxical complexity; that within surveillance is an unsuspected possibility of intimacy. With the rise in techno-mediated arts, arts educators are offered curricular and pedagogical opportunities to reinvestigate the performative encounters of those who create through and with technology.

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