International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 15 Number 11

September 20, 2014

An Interdisciplinary Approach for Understanding Artworks: The Role of Music in Visual Arts Education

Victoria Pavlou
Frederick University, Cyprus

Georgina Athansiou
Frederick University, Cyprus

Citation: Pavlou, V., & Athanasiou, G. (2014). An interdisciplinary approach for understanding artworks: The role of music in visual arts education. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 15(Number 11). Retrieved [date] from
In a world that is becoming increasingly more visual, there is a greater need to educate children to better understand images. A school subject that deals directly with image understanding is visual arts. This article discusses an interdisciplinary approach to promote art understanding, within a multimodal environment that combines art and music. The approach was tested with pre-service elementary school teachers (experimental and control group). The target group is of special interest because, in many countries, generalist-teachers and not art-specialists teach art in elementary schools. The findings indicated that when art viewing was accompanied by musical stimulus (experimental group), viewers/listeners were able to exhibit a variety of artappreciation skills and to move to elaborated responses to the artworks. The findings have implications for teacher-training courses as they suggest ways of enhancing future teachers' art-appreciation skills and set a framework for developing multimodal educational material for art viewing activities.

Visual Abstract

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