International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 14 Number 8

June 20, 2013

Building a Strong Ensemble of Teaching Artists: Characteristics, Contexts, and Strategies for Success and Sustainability

Wendy K. Mages
Mercy College, USA

Citation: Mages, W. K. (2013). Building a strong ensemble of teaching artists: Characteristics, contexts, and strategies for success and sustainability . International Journal of Education & the Arts, 14(8). Retrieved [date] from
This research analyzes the techniques, strategies, and philosophical foundations that contributed to the quality and maintenance of a strong theatre-in-education ensemble. This study details how the company selected ensemble members and describes the work environment the company developed to promote collaboration and encourage actor-teacher retention. Specifically, this research documents the contribution of the directors and actors in the ensemble-building process. This study, which identifies factors that contribute to selecting, developing, and sustaining a successful ensemble, can serve to inform theatre-in-education professionals as they strive to develop and improve their ensemble-building practices and can inform other arts educators as they work to establish and sustain collaborative communities of teaching artists.

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