International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 14 Number 10

August 8, 2013

Creating Multiple Pathways In The Arts: A New York City Case Study

Cindy Maguire
Adelphi University, USA

Jacob Mishook
Brown University, USA

Ivonne Garcia

Genevieve de Gaillande
New Visions for Public Schools, USA

Citation: Maguire, C., Mishook, J., Garcia, I., & de Gaillande, G. (2013). Creating multiple pathways in the Arts: A New York City case study. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 14(10). Retrieved [date] from
Increasingly, education policy makers understand the importance of students and families having access to a range of high quality educational opportunities inside and outside of school, 365 days a year. This paper explores the concept of multiple pathways in arts education to further conceptualize and build upon such opportunities, inside and outside the regular school day. Using a mixed-methods approach, we examine the arts pathways schools provide for their students, the relationships that exist between pathways and academic benefits, and the work of cultural and art partners in supporting pathways. Implications for future research and arts education policy are addressed.

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