International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 13 Number 1

January 30, 2012

Art Education as Multiprofessional Collaboration

Saila Nevanen
The Centre of Expertise on Social Welfare, Finland

Antti Juvonen
University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Heikki Ruismäki
University of Helsinki, Finland

Citation: Nevanen, S., Juvonen, A., & Ruismäki, H. (2012). Art education as multiprofessional collaboration. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 13(1). Retrieved [date] from
In this article we explore the realisation of an art education project as multiprofessional cooperation. The multiprofessional collaboration pair in this study consisted of an artist working together with a teacher. This resulted in activities, which all actors, artists, teachers and administrators saw to be at an especially high level, both artistically and to the practice of teaching. Actually they all thought that the targets, which were set to the project, were clearly surpassed. At its best this working method connected artistic work with the pedagogic knowledge and experience of the children's group work. The work required common planning, flexibility from the traditional methods and culture together with a long-lasting timeframe, (1-2.5 year per each of the sub projects), which made it possible to try to develop new methods. In setting the aims and evaluating the results, the artist's highlighted the artistic significance, while the teachers focused on the instrumental values of art. In the end, both teachers and artists were satisfied with the results.

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