International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 12 Number 16

November 24, 2011

A Loud Silence: Working with Research-based Theatre and A/R/Tography.

Graham W. Lea
The University of British Columbia, Canada

George Belliveau
The University of British Columbia, Canada

Amanda Wager
The University of British Columbia, Canada

Jaime L. Beck
The University of Alberta, Canada

Citation: Lea, G. W., Belliveau, G., Wager, A., & Beck, J. L. (2011). A loud silence: Working with research-based theatre and a/r/tography. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 12(16). Retrieved [date] from

Arts-based approaches to research have emerged as an integral component of current scholarship in the social sciences, education, health research, and humanities. Integrating arts-based methods and methodologies with research generates possibilities for fresh approaches for creating, translating, and exchanging knowledge (Barone & Eisner, 1997; Barone, 2000; 2008; 2008; Knowles & Cole, 2008). This article explores two such methodologies, a/r/tography and researchbased theatre, by closely examining the development of the theatre-based piece Drama as an Additional Language: Creating Community, Confidence, and Comfort (Beck, Belliveau, Lea, & Wager, 2009). Using the six a/r/tographic renderings (contiguity, living inquiry, metaphor and metonymy, openings, reverberations, and excess), the authors investigate the development of Drama as an Additional Language as an example of how research-based theatre and a/r/tography may be integrated.

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