International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 12 Lived Aesthetic Inquiry 2

September 4, 2011

Private Perceptions, Public Reflections:
Aesthetic Encounters As Vehicles For Shared Meaning Making

Boyd White
McGill University, Canada
Citation: White, B. (2011). Private perceptions, public reflections: Aesthetic encounters as vehicles for shared meaning making. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 12(LAI 2). Retrieved [date] from

This paper begins with a brief discussion of aesthetic theory, especially as it relates to art education. Then, to see how theory may apply to practice, it describes an investigation into the manner in which encounters with artworks unfold, how meanings are constructed and values articulated, based on the study of four volunteers' interactions with two artworks that lend themselves to variable responses, especially in regard to social and cultural issues. The study relies on participant mapping of the individual moments of their encounters and their subsequent reflections on the experience.

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