International Journal of Education & the Arts

Volume 11 Number 5

February 6, 2010

Teacher-Artist Partnership in Teaching Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong Schools: Student Transformation

Bo Wah Leung
Eddie C. K. Leung
The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Citation: Leung, B. W., & Leung, E. C. K. (2010). Teacher-artist partnership in teaching Cantonese opera in Hong Kong schools. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 11(5). Retrieved [date] from
This study aims to examine how and why students transform in terms of learning motivation in learning the Cantonese opera with a teacher-artist partnership approach in Hong Kong schools. An artist and seven teachers from four schools collaborated to teach the genre for eight weeks. Students' learning motivation changes in Cantonese opera was measured by a set of pre- and post-learning questionnaires. Qualitative data were drawn from class observations and focus group interviews with teachers and students. Results indicate that students' motivation in learning the genre has been changed. The statistical analysis suggests that, while primary students had significantly increased their motivation in learning Cantonese opera, the secondary students' motivation had not increased. Attributions include age differences, self-consciousness, intrinsic value and socio-cultural impact. However, the partnership was found to be an appropriate and effective approach in teaching the ethnic genre for its "role supplementation" between the teacher and the artist.

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